It’s been a few days, but I have a great excuse. My daughter had surgery on a bone tumor at Boston Children’s Hospital. To add to that, the day before driving out there I fell and broke my arm! I broke my radius, the same bone she was getting surgery on in a few days. At least I provided comic relief for her. A few times each day before her surgery I would say, “Mariah, guess what?” After she asked what I replied, “I BROKE my arm!” She laughed every time at the irony of it. I love that she gets my humor.

It’s been a crazy 2 weeks. My daughter has Fibrous Dysplasia in her radius. They went in and removed the “tumor” and packed it with donor bone. The first week home we both slept on the couch/recliners so we wouldn’t roll over on our arms. We took drugs (the Good Stuff) and slept lots. A different kind of Mother//Daughter bonding. :)

We are now doing better, but not done with pain and limitations. I actually hate the drugs because they make me feel sick and tired. I am probably close to being done with them. We are both not able to use our arms yet. So the new issue is BOREDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know that breaking an arm bone can lead to neurological issues?
1. Having to use the wrong hand to write, eat (especially soup), and other things
2. typing one handed when you love to write
3. Drugs for pain
4. BOREDOM!!!!!!!!!!
5. Pain
6. Not being able to drive (drugs again)
7. Not being able to cook, clean etc (very confusing guilt issues)
8. New phobia of falling
8. Limited snuggling positions (w/ kids – get your minds out of the gutter)
9. Brushing hair ugh!
10. Drugs hahahaha

Add this all up and factor in personality pre-break and poof! Neurological—I mean MENTAL ISSUES. HAAHAAAAAA GIGGLE UGHHHHHHHHHH

Can’t wait to type 2 handed again.

Take care. 9 days ’til Christmas!

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