Dreaming of Change

LeopardI had the strangest dream last night. I dreamed that I was walking with my hubby and our two kids (they were younger) in a forest, when a group of black bears started coming towards us. We escaped into the nearby building and went to our room – we had a motel room. The bears somehow managed to get into our room, so we climbed onto the bed for safety. (It was a dream, okay!)

Two big black bears climbed up and gently pushed the kids to the side and snuggled them between them. So…we were scared, but the bears weren’t hurting us. They seemed to be protecting the kids. I closed my eyes and something crawled up next to me and snuggled close. I opened my eyes and it was a big, beautiful black panther.

I knew it was wild, and I was on edge, but I didn’t feel it meant any harm as long as we were still. The dream was so vivid! I could feel the SOFT fur and the warmth of it’s body. When the animals finally got up and left, I said to my hubby, “Did you see that? I got to hug a black panther?” I woke, remembered the dream, and could still feel the fur and the warmth of the animal. It put a smile on my face. I told my daughter about it and she wondered what it meant. I did too.

So…after going to a community meditation for the first time, I decided to go to a different town where they sold something I wanted for my own private meditation. As I wandered around the store, enjoying the moment, the store clerk and another lady began discussing black panthers. My ears perked up and I walked over closer. The clerk asked me if I needed help. She wasn’t rude, just being nice. I said, “No, but I’m listening to your conversation because I had a dream about a black panther last night.”

Both women were excited. The other customer loves panthers and had a panther tattoo. The clerk brought out a book about dreams and let me read what it means when the black panther visits in a positive light. I found the same information on a website. Here are a few of the main points: The totem or medicine of the Black Panther reminds us that darkness is the place for both seeking and finding answers. It is a place to accept healing. The darkness is a place for us to access the hidden light of truth. Through our dreams, Sister Panther teaches us to delve into the places within ourselves to find the things in need of healing.

Just as a Black Panther we must track the unfamiliar territory of self-discovery and…be as fearless as she in facing the unknown. If Black Panther is working with you as a totem she may be telling you not to worry about the future. She could be reminding you that you need to trust that you are not supposed to “figure it out” right now…Embrace your unknown and flow with the unfolding journey of your life. It fit so well with my current journey of change, healing, and growth.

I had just recently told someone I was tired of pushing through life, feeling like the current was always against me. She told me to take a chance and go with the flow for a while. I think the panther agreed, and was telling me it’s going to be okay if I do that. Between the impact of the dream, and the experience of synchronicity later in the morning, I was left feeling that the universe is telling me things are going to be okay.

My journey has been noticed, and I am not alone. I will be thinking of the panther often for a while, wondering what other wisdom she could impart, and hoping she is still watching over me. I know there will be a beautiful, black panther in my next book! :) Have a wonderful day and don’t be afraid to look inside, into the dark corners. May you find strength and healing on your journey.   The website with the Panther Totem is: http://native-american-totems.com/animal-totem-medicines/black-panther-totem/

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4 Responses to Dreaming of Change

  1. Peter says:

    Had a dream about a black panther last night, at first was respectfully cautious when it walked toward me right in my house, but then petted it and it tackled me lovingly and playfully to the ground and i had no fear. then it just hugged me, surrounded me from behind like a blanket. Felt so protected and comforted. Felt so connected to it as well. I never have strange dreams like that, never strange enough to look up the meaning. The analysis u provided could NOT have been more relevant to the immediate days before and everything that is going on spiritually. Truly astounding… Thank you.

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  3. I love the way you tell about your dream and the journey of discovering what it means when Sister Panther comes to you as a creature teacher. Thank you so much for quoting me and for giving a link to my website. May you find the answers in the dark corners…

    • Lorena says:

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing with me. I was so thrilled to find your information right when I needed it. I love your site and will probably be referencing it quite often in the future.

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