End of Year Cheer

Hello Everyone. Hope you are doing well as the craziness of this month is coming to an end. Fall 2012 was one helluva bang for our family.

  • Found out my daughter had a bone tumor, a couple trips to Boston Children’s Hospital, and a surgery
  • Broke my wrist…same bone my daughter had surgery on (I take my empathy to amazing levels)
  • Trying to do all the December stuff one handed and drugged up – which translates to Hubby and son jumping to every need, desire, and plea from the disabled girls in the family
  • Mom can’t drive for 3 weeks….WHAT??? The kids need to go where? We need milk again?  haha
  • Hubby missed lots of work so lets throw some extra money stress in the mix

It’s been a learning experience. Learning things are not always as bad as you think. Reconfirming how wonderful the men in this family are. Figuring out new ways to do things one handed/wrong handed. One thing that surprised me was exactly HOW stubborn, independent, and ornery I can be when forced to rely on others. That was not a pleasant experience. Hmph. I do not like asking for help with EVERYTHING. Mom’s don’t get waited on. Oh, it sounds great in theory, but having to ask for assistance for so many little things gets old fast. Sometimes you just want to open your OWN bag of chocolate.

So now it’s time to relax a little before the new year starts. Looking back at the whole year it was pretty good to us. Hubby had steady work, kids are doing well, and Mom is still sane. Well…that last part is always up for debate.

Looking forward to a new year of adventures. Hopefully fewer doctor visits for next year. MAYBE we could try something less exciting…like Bingo or Quilting?

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Any thoughts on my last post? Love to hear from you.