Featured on Amazon

Some days I think of writing something on my blog, and I just can’t think of anything new, different, or exciting to talk about. NOT TODAY. LOL

Today was very exciting. Amazon sent e-mails to some of their Kindle customers, and my book was the top recommendation. What?!? My sister forwarded the e-mail to me. Then I checked and I got the same letter.  My book? Wow.

Sorry, I’ll try to calm myself. I’ve sold almost 300 books this first month, but that seems like a drop in the bucket compared to well-known authors and long time writers. Why would Amazon highlight my book? Who cares! It’s an exciting day for me. I’ve been surprised at how well the book is selling with very little marketing. I’m happy that Amazon is helping out with that. I don’t know exactly how they decide what books to highlight, but I’m guessing mine was chosen for being new and actively selling copies this month.

Exciting things are happening to this newbie author. Tune in for more. :)

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