Finding my Muse

If you have ever written, you are probably familiar with the term “Muse.” A muse, in ancient Greece, was a goddess of inspiration. Artists of all varieties have credited other people as being their muse, but I think of my muse as an unseen force inside me. Some days my muse is in a good mood, other days it isn’t very friendly. I didn’t find my muse until about 12 years ago, and then it went into hiding, peeking out once in a great while. The less I called on my muse, the harder it was to find her.

My muse likes to be inspired too. My own enthusiasm brings my muse to life. So, when I finally brought out the dusty remains of a finished novel I had written 12 years ago, my muse got curious. She peeked out her head and stretched a little. At first she just watched from a distance, but then, when I started to remember how much I loved writing that book, she got excited. She started sending ideas left and right about scene changes and motivations and characters. My fingers could hardly keep up. This was somewhat difficult recovering from a wrist fracture, but I did my best.

When I finally put my book on Amazon Kindle for the world to see, I’m sure my muse was a little irritated at my trepidation. After all, my inner muse had been part of that work. She quietly waited for a few days while I watched the sales on the book go up and started to receive some feedback. When my trepidation turned to exhilaration my muse patted me on the back and told me to get back to work.

I am so happy to tell you that my muse has been a constant companion for this last month. She hardly lets me get to sleep at night, talks incessantly while I’m driving, eating, or doing anything but writing. We’ve been enjoying each other so much that I’m hoping she’ll stick around for a long, long time.

I can’t talk anymore. She’s calling me back to the story. Just finished an action scene and have to put on paper, or in my PC, what she wants to happen next. She’s already told me what’s next but it’s still in my head. She gets impatient.

Thanks for listening to my “Musings” on my Muse. :)

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