Coffee and Me

Coffee and Me

I love coffee and words.                                      
I like to talk, write, and read.
I’m a good listener.
AND…I love intelligent, witty humor. Remember when reading my blogs, I’m just as witty in real life.

I think one of the reasons I love writing is that it’s like talking, but I get to keep rambling and no one stops me. :) On the other hand, I can’t see your eye rolls and you can’t tell from my expression that I was being sarcastic.  I love eye rolls. That means I got the reaction I was looking for. When my kids roll their eyes at me, it makes me happy. Well, as long as it’s in response to something funny I said. I tell my kids I’m so busy taking care of the family that they are my entertainment.

We have a lot of humor in our household. My husband and I have 2 children, now teenagers, so you can imagine the fun I have with teasing them. Of course, they’ve grown up with my humor so they are pretty witty themselves.

A typical moment might be when my son asks if he can go somewhere and I tell him sure. Then when he asks for a ride, I give him a hard time.

      He says, “You said I could go.”

      My reply, “You didn’t ask if I could drive you.”

He rolls his eyes and watches me get my keys. When he laughs with me I feel somewhat entertained. It distracts me from the fact that I still have dishes to do when I get back from being the family taxi. Yay for teasing teenagers. Of course, I enjoy it too much and I do much worse than that. He never knows if I am serious when I say I’m going in to “friend” his girlfriend on Facebook, or if I threaten to drive him to school in my PJs and bed head hair.

Now on to one of the other things that makes me smile — Coffee. Coffee is my muse. I love the smell, the taste, and the effect it has on me in the morning. Sometimes when I go to bed, I think about the next day and get excited about that first cup of coffee. If you aren’t a coffee lover, you probably think I’m crazy. But, for all you coffee addicts out there, you get me, right? It’s one of my pleasures in life. And now they say it’s good for you! I’m being healthy when I fill that next cup.

So, after family, work, friends, bills, responsibilities, enough cleaning to keep the house from being condemned, and other important issues I finally get to write. Of course, if I kept to that list faithfully I would never write. Now, follow my logic here. If Mom isn’t happy, no one in the family is happy. Writing makes Mom happy. So, to keep the family happy I have to write. Please do not argue logic with me here, because I like how it adds up in my head.


What will I be writing about? I have no idea, and then again a million ideas. I’ll try to keep it somewhat organized for you.


Feel free to leave a comment. I have total control over what stays on here so don’t be worried you’ll offend me. I’ll just delete it if it does. :) (That was sarcasm if you missed it.)

Last thought: I may need to come up with a symbol at the end of sarcastic sentences…or at the beginning…since you can’t see the twinkle in my eyes that gives me away.

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2 Responses to Coffee and Me

  1. Cheryl says:

    Love the blog!!! I have missed you! I can actually hear you saying everything I read! Keep writing!

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