I Will Miss Those Eyes

I was sorry to hear that Paul Walker had passed away. I try not to get to caught up in all the sad events in the world because we have enough in our own lives to deal with, but I can’t help it this time. He was young, talented, and came off as a nice guy. I’ve seen him many times in my living room because the men in my house love his movies.

He left behind a fifteen-year-old daughter, and that’s way too young to lose a parent. I hope she has plenty of other family to be there for her. The media always portrayed him as a good dad, a good friend, and a talented actor. He will be missed by many.

I will miss his eyes. They were amazing! When I mentioned to my family that he’d passed, my husband was shocked that I knew his name. I said, “Of course I know his name. He’s hot! I love his eyes.” He was so much more than a pretty face, but his family and friends know more about that than I do.

So many people are taken too early every day, but when it’s someone famous we all take note. There are always sad things happening in the world. Paul Walker provided a great distraction from reality when he was on the screen. The Fast and Furious movies were loved by so many. Hot guys and fast cars. They found a winning combination with that team.

I don’t have much to add to all the hype that’s been in the news about the accident or his life. I do hope they figure out what happened, especially so that the family can have some answers. I’ve seen articles that say the car was dangerous because it was too powerful for most people to handle, especially on city streets. At least it will serve as a warning to others, if they listen.

Paul Walker loved cars, and speed. He really had a chance to live in his short forty years on this earth. Let’s all take the time to live our lives remembering that the next day isn’t promised. Hug your family. Be a good parent and friend. And follow your dreams.

I write romance novels, so I have some fun things on my Pinterest boards for inspiration. Paul Walker is one the pics I’ve had on my boards for a while now. It doesn’t do him justice, and you can’t see the gorgeous eyes, but you can do a google search if you want to remember how blue they were. Rest in Peace Paul.

Paul Walker


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