Life is Change, Life is Good

Wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. So much has happened, and most of it good. The last time I updated you was right after my husband became disabled. He is doing much better, and while still improving, the future looks bright.

I have been writing, and I am now a professor at the local college. I teach American Sign Language – ASL. I love working with young minds that are open and excited about new things. I am in love with my new job, my writing, my family, and my life. Crazy how things can change, and though we fear change, it can bring unimaginable blessings and joys.

Change is something I’ve spent a good deal of time contemplating lately. When you’re young, you can’t wait for some changes. You want to grow taller, get more independence, get your license, and become a man or woman. When you’re an adult, sometimes change can be a bad word. Maybe it’s a promotion, maybe it’s a layoff. Change can be frightening.

I remember when I was younger, I’d see older people complain about some changes and think it strange. They didn’t like when the store was remodeled. I liked it. Of course, I hadn’t been shopping there for twenty years. Now that I’m older…just a little :)…I understand. I like knowing where to find the peanut butter, or seeing the same smiling face at the cash register. So many things in life change, it’s nice to have SOME consistency.

If we believe the big bang theory, then all of the universe is changing, and yet seeking stability. Makes sense to me. I feel the same way. I wouldn’t go back and undo the changes in my life, because I love where I am right now. I couldn’t have asked for anything more fulfilling and exciting. But I can still be nervous that future changes will bring things I won’t want to experience.

I’ve learned to appreciate change. If we didn’t change, life would become stale. We’d miss out on new people and new opportunities. The changes I’ve experienced are keeping me young and flexible. I hadn’t realized how stagnant I’d become in some ways.

So…go have a great day. Embrace newness and look for the unique. Live and love your life today, because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Maybe we all be blessed with positive changes and many more opportunities than we can imagine.

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