New Work in Progress

I’m working on something new. I love this stage. I’ve published two novels so far, and half-way through I always become convinced they’re terrible, even though I finish them and hope for the best. It’s a common writer’s issue, but I’m new at this and I’m still learning. Now I’m starting my third novel and I love the excitement of this phase.

Right now I know my characters, but not as well as I will when I’m done. I’m deciding their futures, their fate, their struggles, their issues, and their victories. I don’t write a detailed outline, but I do get some of the above settled before I start writing. Sometimes the story will take a detour I hadn’t predicted, and that’s fun too.

I had to stop today because I didn’t like my hero’s dialogue. I realized that didn’t fit with his personality. Then I realized…I need to know more about this guy!!! So, time to get to know him better. I recently read a post from a writer friend that said she was having “Tea Time” with her characters. She was taking the time to get to know them, and imagining what they would think, and do, and say. I guess that’s where I’m at right now. I don’t mind Tea Time with my sexy male lead. Time well spent, I say.

For those of you that read, and don’t write, I’ll let you in on a secret: Writing can be as enjoyable, as inspiring, as emotional and as exciting as reading your favorite books. I’ve always loved reading and getting lost in a great story. Once I finished my first novel, I became enamored with the writing process. I had to do it again! And again! Hopefully my skills will progress and someday my work will match my enthusiasm.

I’m making it sound like it’s all fun and games, but trust me, writing is hard work. It’s the excitement and joy writers get from the process that makes it all worth it in the end. It’s also the joy a writer feels when someone says they’ve read your work and loved it. If I never got any positive feedback, I’d probably stop publishing my stuff, but I’d never stop writing it.

So, time to get back to my current WIP (Work in Progress). It ‘s different from my first two novels because it doesn’t involve a psychic, but it does involve some special abilities. If I’m going to have fun creating a world, and its characters, then I’m going to make them do things that we can’t do in real life. It’s just part of my fun.

Time to answer some questions. If you’d like to help, leave a comment for me.

What makes a great leading man? What traits, situations, beliefs, are necessary to be the sexy, perfect alpha male?

Time for Tea. :) Have a great night.

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2 Responses to New Work in Progress

  1. Janel says:

    My favorite male leads always have a sense of humor…. for some reason, usually an unintentional, cocky sense of humor. Like when Princess Leia tells Han Solo she loves him while he’s being lowered into the carbonite and his response is, “I know”. I laugh every time. But they can’t be a complete jerk either. They need to show that they care in a genuine way.
    And the guy that comes through when you least expect it… yeah. I do enjoy the goofy underdog but I guess that would not fit the “alpha” mold.

    But I guess if I had to choose the ultimate leading man, he would be like Jake in “Avatar”. Starts out as the underdog but has the confidence to grow and become powerful but also learns empathy. And he trusts his female counterpart to hold her own. He has as much confidence in her as he does in himself. He supports her as opposed to coveting her.

    • Lorena says:

      I like your examples. Nice. I agree with the humor, and I don’t mind a little cocky if it’s only a little. Loved Avatar, so now you’ve reminded me of another example. Thanks!! My current guy is definitely starting as an underdog. I haven’t decided how cocky and obnoxious he’s going to be when he first starts out. And…how dark and moody. I’ll share more when I figure it out.

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