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I’d like you to meet my creative friend Shannon McRoberts. I’ve asked her to tell us a little about herself. Make sure to check out her links at the bottom. She has some pretty cool work to share.

headshot2-289x300The World of Shannon McRoberts:  Something for Everyone

Chances are you have no idea who I am or what my world is about.  And that is OK.  Because today you learn that my fascinating world has a little of this and a little of that.

My website’s tagline is “The World of Shannon McRoberts”.  Not because I am a pretentious person, but rather I had so many different facets to share it was hard to find a single title to tie them altogether.  I say this because there are three main focuses of the site:  my art, my books, and my poetry.

The Poet:  I have been working with poetry
the longest oferosion of the heart all my artistic endeavors. It was the first art form I could create.  For years I kept it under lock and key, but eventually I released it into the light of day.  My poetry is often dark with longing undertones that ebb and flow down the page.  I published a book of poetry call Erosion of the Heart; however, my newest poetry is found on my blog under the poetry category.

The Artist:   I have been dabbling in art almost as long as poetry.Brenda of the Elven Wood  From pencils, to photography, to painting.  My favorite medium used to be oil paints, but as I grew up I found it increasingly hard to find the time or space to work with the oils.  I even found it hard to work with something like charcoal while my daughter toddled around the house.  I found an outlet though that worked for me:  3D Art.  I use DAZ Studio and Poser to create varying works of art.  There is no mess to clean up after and I can chase my daughter while my pictures are rendering.



The Author:   The last frontier, at least for me.  cursed bloods ebook cover option 2 subtle with smaller nameTwenty or so years ago I tried to write a book.  It didn’t end well.  (No pun intended)  I thought writing was a medium I would not be able to wrangle.  Yet, in the back of my mind a sparkle for a story appeared.  I sat down and wrote that story.  Then, ideas just kept popping into my head for other stories.  That is how Zarra and Athine were born.  This is how I began my journey to “turn mythology on its ear”.  Currently I have six prose books available, each centering on this world I built inside my mind.  If you like Once Upon A Time, Xena, Buffy, or Lord of the Rings then you will like The Daughter of Ares Chronicles.


Why not stop by my website today at or or to find out how my world can entertain you!

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