What an Amazing Year

2014 was amazing. Yes, I do remember my husband almost dying, losing our home, and needing community help to survive. Yet, I can still say it was an amazing year. I don’t know if I’d be at this point in life without all the events of this past year. I’m loving life, and things are going well for the family. Maybe it had to be this way for me to learn so well.

If you’ve read other posts on my blog, you know my hubby had a Carotid Artery Dissection and after surviving that, he was disabled for 10 months. Well, he’s back to 90 percent and loving life!! The whole family has come to appreciate simplifying, and what’s really important.

I found out how many good, wonderful, awesome people are out there just in our community alone. I needed to see that. I continue to meet more amazing people all the time now. I will forever love and treasure the friends that stood by us through all our trials. We’re closer to our friends and our family, now more than ever.

And…Good things continue to happen. I now have the best jobs I could ever want. I get to teach (ASL) American Sign Language at college. ASL is one of my passions, and young people are another. AND…I get to write. One of my other passions. How did life become so full and wonderful?

Remember, if you are going through difficult times, things change. Nothing stays the same. The Universe is constantly moving, so appreciate the good things now, and know that more good will come in the future. I could never have imagined my life to be this amazing. I’m glad my hubby taught me how to reach for my dreams, and I’m glad I’m still on the Earth to experience it.

Each day is now a precious gift, and I love living it with purpose and positivity. The winter months can be hard for me, and some of my family, but this year has been filled with blessings. When you can’t wait to wake up in the morning and go to your job, you have found your place, and that’s how I feel.

I have been through dark times, and scary times, and many exciting, happy times. Life may be difficult at moments, but if you open yourself up to people, and love, and possibilities, it can bring an abundance of light and love too.

One of my greatest joys now is to share my gifts with others. I can share a smile, or my knowledge, or a few dollars. If we all shared the good things, then there would be so many more finding their way to light and positivity.

I wish I knew how to put into words the lessons I’ve learned over the past year. I want to package it up and present to the ones I love and the ones that really need it. I’ve also learned we all have our own paths, and lessons can only be accepted when we are ready.

Go…have a great day, and be open to the lessons around you. Don’t fear change, embrace it. Find someone to stand by you as you explore new ways to see the world. Sharing the journey makes it much more enjoyable.

If you want to chat, I’d love to hear from you. One of my other passions, as my family will tell you, is talking!!! Words, words, words. My name sign in ASL is the letter “L” combined with a sign for talking. So perfect!


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    What a beautiful message!

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