Words Are NOT Enough

I love words. I think because I lovCute teenager jumping with abstract blue scarf around here self-expression. I want to know what you think and feel. I want to be moved by the words of a poem or a good book. I want to see what you see. We can’t know how another human being sees the world unless they tell us, because each life experience is unique.

I have always loved languages, but the one I have a passion for is American Sign Language. As I sat to write this post, I suddenly had a new understanding of why I love that language so much. Sometimes, what we think and feel is too much to express in words. ASL (American Sign Language) allows me to add to that expression, or to see it in another person. There are some signs that don’t have an English word equivalent, and those tend to portray deeper meaning than one word could ever represent.

Do you express yourself? Is it something encouraged in our cultures today? I don’t know enough about all world cultures to speak to them, but I’m sure some are more open to self-expression than our U.S. American culture.


I had an Italian mom and an English/Scottish (among other things) dad. Dad set the atmosphere in the house, but Mom had an influence. So I come from two separate cultures on the emotional expression spectrum. My dad didn’t like to show emotion, except when he was angry. My mom couldn’t help showing emotion, even though she tried to hide it at times. I might have my dad’s logical brain, but I definitely inherited the emotional side from my mom. I FEEL.

Yes, I said it, “I FEEL.” Is that acceptable to you? “Well, of course we feel,” you say. But is it acceptable to show how I feel in front of you? If not, you probably try to avoid me. *BIG GRIN FROM ME*

If I’m happy, I show it. I might jump up and down, as much as I can at my age. I might giggle and tease and laugh like a child. If I’m sad, I probably cry, but I like to do that only with those I trust. If I’m feeling joy in living, I show it with my smile and my words and my actions. Why do we feel we have to hide that?

I imagine it’s still not “cool” in school to be a giddy, giggling girl or boy. I think it’s perceived as cooler to keep emotions in check. What about at the office? Yeah. Serious is better. We trust serious. Why is that? If we aren’t seeing true emotion, then that person is anything but honest. Why are intelligence and dependability equated with somber and serious?

I’m sure you show your feelings at times, and you probably share your more emotional side with your close friends and family. Is it uncomfortable to allow others to see your true feelings? Try to allow yourself to feel a little more each day and see what happens. If you keep those feelings of joy suppressed, then they lose their luster. They become dull and unresponsive. When we allow them to surface, and really experience them, our heart becomes more aware and more in tune with life.

Does this post resonate with you? If so, let me know. I have a feeling I’ll be posting more on this subject, because it’s one I’m PASSIONATE about!!

Have an amazing, wonderful, joyful day!!!!!

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